Innotech Engineering brings many years of experience in design and manufacture, covering various industries, including medical, oil and gas, aerospace and automotive.

We are a Siemens automation company who work very closely with our customers from start to completion.   

PLC Programming
From small machines to large distributed systems, we can design the PLC control system from the ground up. With intuitive and efficient programming we can ensure your process runs smoothly and reliably.

PLC Modifications
As well as providing PLC programming for new processes, we can modify existing PLC programs to suite customer’s ongoing process developments. Other reasons for modification to existing PLC programs may be to improve productivity by optimizing processes.

PLC Upgrades
As a machine or process ages it is important to keep the control system up to date to ensure the parts do not become obsolete. A failure of an obsolete PLC can result in lengthy downtime. We offer a PLC upgrade service, where we work with the customer to ensure the migration process is hassle free, with change-over times kept to a minimum.
  · Centralised or distributed PLC systems
  · PLC modifications
  · PLC upgrades
  · PLC backups
  · Failsafe systems
  · Remote support from anywhere in the world