Innotech is able to provide electronic and mechanical design services using the latest electronic design and simulation software together with a full mechanical CAD/CAM package, including FEA.

It does not matter how small or complex your project is, we should be able to meet and fulfil your requirements.  We are able to produce a full turn-key project allowing you to focus your other priorities.

To see what we can do for you, take a minute to view slides below.


Mechanical Design

If you just need a manufacturing drawing produced, a 3D CAD model or a complete package, we are able to help.
Mechanical Design 1.JPG


Prototype Manufacture

Innotech has access to not only 3D printing for that first part, but also machining capability.  This includes 3,4 and 5 axis milling, turning, grinding and spark errosion.


Circuit Design

We can turn your sketches into a fully functional circuit diagram. Circuits can be virtually tested proving functionality and reducing  rework costs once manufactured.  We will not charge you for minor revisions, regardless of how many.

Proteus Capture 1.JPG

PCB Prototyping

The days of printing masks and etching PCB's is a thing of the past as is PCB milling.  

We are able to produce very small numbers of professionally made PCB's at an extremely low cost with a rapid turn around.


Embedded Software

Have a project that requires a microcontroller?  We can design you a system as a stand-alone item or has the ability to communicate to a computer or HMI display.