3D Scanning

Occasionally we are faced with something that we cannot measure as no manufacturing information is available.  There are also times where a scan of an item is needed just to produce a 3D print.  At Innotech we can take your part and produce a CAD model that can then be exported in multiple formats for further work or modification, or just simply to produce a physical copy. 

Another advantage of 3D scanning is that non-contact part measurement can be carried out.  This is particularly useful where traditional measuring tools may potentially damage a parts surface or the part is soft.  It is possible to perform measurements +/-50microns with the 3D scanners.

Artec EVA

The Eva is a fast scanner with a huge scanning window meaning you can capture parts very quickly.

With the introduction of the AI 'HD Mode' in the studio software, the resulting data can be as accurate as 50mincrons.


Artec Space Spider

The Space Spider is capable of producing some outstanding and accurate scans.

An excellent piece of equipment for working with smaller parts.