'Heavy' 3D Scanning

Another day of ‘intense’ reverse engineering due to the part weighing in at 20kgs and being as reflective as a mirror. As tempting as it is to completely scan a part in its entirety, just imaging relevant points saves significant time when reverse engineering. Item was scanned using Artec Space Spider to achieve the necessary 0.05mm accuracy. If just a scan was required, we would have used the Artec Eva....amazingly fast!

For interest only, the hieroglyphs (easily removed) added to the part were required to help the the scanner to maintain tracking, allowing for faster scanning.

Scan segments then exported to DesignX to produce the desired sketches to be then translated in Solidworks for final CAD work. Without question, DesignX is the go-to software for working with mesh data, followed by Solidworks for its modelling capabilities.

The part was eventually manufactured by a local company, reassembled and shipped off to the client.